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The Truth About Energy Bars; It Will Shock You 

The Truth About Energy Bars; It Will Shock You 

If you're an avid cyclist, chances are you're also an energy bars and gels expert. You've probably tried every brand on the market and have nailed it down to one or two brands that you never leave ...

healthA close up of a bicycle helmet with the cyclist injured in the rear

4 Tips To Recover From A Bike Crash

Many people automatically believe that if you ride a bike, you are inevitably going to crash, and while it's true for most cyclists, not every cyclist has crashed, not yet anyway.  As a cyclist who...

fitnessHigh-Intensity Cycling For Cyclists: Does It Work?

High-Intensity Cycling For Cyclists: Does It Work?

In recent years HITT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, has become one of the most popular acronyms in the health and fitness industry. The primary reason HIIT has gained so much popularity is t...

bike ridingA pair of orange cycling shoes with a white background

Need New Cycling Shoes? Here’s What You Need To Know

When it comes to knowing when your sneakers need to be replaced, it's a pretty straightforward exercise, but what about your cycling shoes? Are there any visible signs to look out for that can give...

fitnessA cyclist on the ground holding his elbow

5 Tips To Avoid Injury While Cycling

There's nothing worse than jumping on your bike, settling into your ride, and 10 minutes in; BOOM, there it is; that niggling knee pain. I haven't struggled with knee pain on the bike; I'm just usi...

bike ridingParts of a bicycle separated

Buying And Assembling Your Bike: Pros And Cons

For most people, assembling a bike is no easy task, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. You will need quite a few specialized tools if you are going to try and tackle assembling your own bike. S...

bike ridingA tire pump with a pressure gauge pumping up a bicycle tire

What Is The Perfect Tire Pressure?

Having been involved in cycling my entire life, I still look forward to getting a new set of tires. That's right; good old tires can transform your bike from a bike that feels every little bump and...