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Woman and men working out

6 Cycling And Weight Loss Tips

People ride their bikes for many different reasons, but one of the most common reasons people turn to cycling is to lose weight; but is cycling really the best exercise for fat loss, or does the a...

A bowl of oatmeal with bananas and blueberries

Nutritional Tips For Cycling

I don't know about you, but where I'm based, winters are brutal, and riding outside is not even possible for a good three months of the year; so what do I do, you're asking; well, I ride inside; y...

Man riding bicycle to work and using a StrideCharge iPhone wireless charger and bike phone mount on his handlebars

7 Reasons To Ride Your Bike To Work

Let's be honest 99% of most people commute to work by car, train, or bus because it's easy and quite frankly "stress-free," but have you ever thought about getting to work using an alternative mod...

A bike helmet sitting on a table with a bike in the background

5 Top Tips For Safer Cycling

I've been a serious cyclist for more than 30 years and, up until now, have never been involved in a cycling accident; touching wood and fingers crossed as I write this. But in all seriousness, I re...

Bike phone mount and charger used for your bike camping trip

Bike Camping Trip Tips

Many of us have been cycling for years, some of us our entire lives. Cycling provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors; it's one of the captivating things about riding a bike; i...

iPhone wireless charger and bike phone mount on a bike

3 Tips For Your First Long Ride

Whether you're new to cycling or have been cycling for years, the thrill and excitement of heading out on your bike never gets old. Riding around the lake with friends or crushing the KOM on your l...