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Three people doing squats as part of their cross training exercises

Maximize Your Fitness: Understanding What is Cross Training and Its Benefits

What is cross training? It’s an exercise philosophy that champions variety, combining strength, endurance, and flexibility workouts to craft a balanced fitness routine. This holistic approach not ...

fitness10 Amazing Stationary Bike Benefits Workouts

10 Amazing Stationary Bike Benefits Workouts

Ever wondered how to maximize your workout efficiency while minimizing joint stress and discomfort? Look no further than the humble stationary bike! This versatile piece of exercise equipment offer...

fitnessA person lifting a kettlebell

Strength Training for Cyclists: An Essential Guide to Cycling Exercises

Are you ready to take your cycling performance to the next level? Strength training for cyclists offers a powerful way to boost your performance, enhance your endurance, and prevent injuries. In th...

fitnessA cyclist biking on a road while it is raining

Mastering Endurance Cycling: Tips, Exercises, and Training for Cyclists

Endurance cycling is more than just a test of physical strength; it’s a journey of self-discovery and an opportunity to push your limits. The physical and mental benefits are vast, and with the rig...

fitnessHigh-Intensity Cycling For Cyclists: Does It Work?

High-Intensity Cycling For Cyclists: Does It Work?

In recent years HITT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, has become one of the most popular acronyms in the health and fitness industry. The primary reason HIIT has gained so much popularity is t...

fitnessA cyclist on the ground holding his elbow

5 Tips To Avoid Injury While Cycling

There's nothing worse than jumping on your bike, settling into your ride, and 10 minutes in; BOOM, there it is; that niggling knee pain. I haven't struggled with knee pain on the bike; I'm just usi...

fitnessA person sitting cross legged with hand over their head with a mountain view and sunset

Can Yoga Boost Your Cycling Performance?

Yoga; a booming trend over the last 20 years. Nearly every person I know has tried yoga, and I sincerely mean that. My wife performs yoga, the professional athletes I coach do it, and even my mum g...