Mount Your Phone to Your Bike and Use it While it Charges

iPhone Compatible Charging Case

StrideCharge iPhone charging cases charge your phone wirelessly with the touch of a button. The innovative, patent-pending design lets you mount your phone to your bike AND keep using it while it's charging. Constructed from high-quality shock-absorbing materials keep your phone protected while you ride.

Cyclist checking map on phone while using the StrideCharge Charge Case and Bike Mount

Charge and Use Your Phone on the Trail-- Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 Attach your durable, easy-to-install Stride Bike Mount to your handlebars. No tools required.

Step 2 Attach your Stride Charge Case to your Stride Bike Mount and turn to lock it into place with a gentle ‘click.’

Step 3 Start charging your phone wirelessly with the push of a button. Enjoy your music or favorite apps while you ride.

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StrideCharge Bike Mount and Charge Case
Bike Mount & Charge Case
Use your iPhone and charge it wirelessly while you ride
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“Couldn’t be easier to use — and keeps my phone charged and protected on all my rides. I L-O-V-E my StrideCharge case!”

Amy Austin
Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely love my StrideCharge Bike Mount and Charge Case!

John Desmond
Toronto, ON

Now I don't need to stop at a convenience store mid ride to charge my phone. Thank you StrideCharge.

Ben A
Victoria, BC

Finally a high quality bike mount and case that will wirelessly charge my iPhone when I ride.

Peter Wilman
Scottsdale, AZ

Works better than described!!

Susan P
Austin, TX

My favorite purchase in a long time. Extremely durable bike mount and phone case, plus the HUGE benefit of being able to charge my phone wirelessly whenever I need to.

Mark Sullivan
Tuscon, AZ

Designed for Bike Enthusiasts. Perfect for Everyone.

StrideCharge keeps your phone charged on biking adventures, but our innovative technology is also the ideal solution for anyone who wants to stay charged AND use their phone while away from an outlet. Double your iPhone battery time with a durable, sleek charging case you can take with you anywhere.

StrideCharge is Ideal For:

•Cycling •Hiking •Road Trips •Camping •Boating •Beach Days •Everyday Errands

Wherever Your Busy Life Takes You!


StrideCharge is a patent-pending technology that improves existing wireless charging capabilities by allowing you to mount your phone to your bike and continue to use it while it charges wirelessly. So, you get to listen to music and enjoy all your favorite apps anywhere, anytime-- without the frustration of draining your battery.

It really depends on how often you use it-- but, keeping your case charged and ready to use is easy with our dual-action charging. Charge your phone and your case at the same time.

Your Stride Charge Case is fabricated from high-quality, non-toxic ABS and TPU. Both are known for their high impact strength and shock-absorbing.

Your Stride Charge Case will keep your phone charged-- while you’re using it, which will fully recharge you iPhone from empty.

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