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A pair of orange cycling shoes with a white background
bike riding

Need New Cycling Shoes? Here’s What You Need To Know

When it comes to knowing when your sneakers need to be replaced, it's a pretty straightforward exercise, but what about your cycling shoes? Are there any visible signs to look out for that can give...

fitnessA cyclist on the ground holding his elbow

5 Tips To Avoid Injury While Cycling

There's nothing worse than jumping on your bike, settling into your ride, and 10 minutes in; BOOM, there it is; that niggling knee pain. I haven't struggled with knee pain on the bike; I'm just usi...

bike ridingA tire pump with a pressure gauge pumping up a bicycle tire

What Is The Perfect Tire Pressure?

Having been involved in cycling my entire life, I still look forward to getting a new set of tires. That's right; good old tires can transform your bike from a bike that feels every little bump and...

fitnessA person sitting cross legged with hand over their head with a mountain view and sunset

Can Yoga Boost Your Cycling Performance?

Yoga; a booming trend over the last 20 years. Nearly every person I know has tried yoga, and I sincerely mean that. My wife performs yoga, the professional athletes I coach do it, and even my mum g...

bike ridingBike mechanic fixing the gears of a bicycle

When To Service Your Bike: Expert Tips

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned veteran or cyclist who likes to ride with friends on the weekend; knowing when to service your bike could mean the difference between life and death, especial...

healthWoman stretching on a pier overlooking the ocean with her bike beside her and an iPhone wireless charger and bike phone mount attached to her handlebars

Cycling Stretches: Tips And Mistakes

When it comes to preserving your health and well-being, stretching sits pretty close to the top of the list. Stretching after cycling provides numerous benefits, like helping to relieve pain, redu...