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Bike mechanic fixing the gears of a bicycle

When To Service Your Bike: Expert Tips

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned veteran or cyclist who likes to ride with friends on the weekend; knowing when to service your bike could mean the difference between life and death, especial...

Woman stretching on a pier overlooking the ocean with her bike beside her and an iPhone wireless charger and bike phone mount attached to her handlebars

Cycling Stretches: Tips And Mistakes

When it comes to preserving your health and well-being, stretching sits pretty close to the top of the list. Stretching after cycling provides numerous benefits, like helping to relieve pain, redu...

A close up of a bike seat post

Everything You Need To Know About Your Bike Seat Post

When most people think of their bike's critical components or parts, the first thing that comes to mind is their tires or their saddle. But rarely do cyclists pay much attention to their seat post'...

iPhone wireless charger and phone holder on a bike.

7 Cycling Mistakes To Avoid

Riding your bike to work or school is one of the best ways to stay fit, save some money, and help keep the planet green all at the same time, but if you're new to cycling, you're going to make som...

Cycling equipment including an iPhone wireless charger and bike phone mount

5 Tips For Beginner Cyclists

Since the pandemic started in 2020, millions of people worldwide have turned to cycling to stay active and, more importantly, remain healthy. Cycling offers a heap of benefits like improving your ...

A cyclist biking up a trail in the winter with snow on the ground

Tips For Riding In The Cold

Coming from Australia, where the sun is shining pretty much all year round, and roads are made for cycling, it's easy to forget just how luck I was. I say ''was'' because for the last 19 years, I'...